December 31, 2015

To Our Shareholders,

Morgan PictureWe would like to take this opportunity to update all our shareholders as to the developments that have taken place since the name of the Company was changed to Champion Investments, Inc. and the installation of new management. There have been many changes instituted and implemented in order to bring the Company into its current position where it can now move forward in a positive direction.

Over this period, we have completed all annual reports from 2005 through 2014, filed all tax returns from 2005 through 2014, settled an SEC investigation from a past predecessor corporation, eliminated approximately $6 million in liabilities and our annual reports for 2013 and 2014 have been audited by our outside accounting firm. The results of these changes now places the Company at the end of calendar year 2015 with assets of $359,607, no debt, liabilities under $5,000 and a net operating tax loss carryforward of approximately $9.5 million.

During this time, we have also added two new and talented individuals to the management team of Champion Investments and two outside independent Directors. They are Desmonde Cowdery and Dr. Kerri Parsons in the positions of Chief Financial and Compliance Officer and Vice President of Investor Relations, respectively, and Marion Wright and Robert Hill have accepted and assumed the roles of independent outside Directors for the Company. We are very excited regarding their arrival and their expertise and most grateful for their recent and valuable input to the changes and operations of Champion Investments.

The Company has recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for approval as a Business Development Company and has started implementing its new business model. Utilizing our proprietary and diversified investment strategies, we intend to invest in our four designated core categories within the technology, medical and consumer product industries with talented entrepreneurs and enterprises with large markets and strong management teams.

We would like to personally thank all of our shareholders who have shown great patience during this extended period of reshaping the former companies into what is now Champion Investments, Inc.

In conjunction with one of our core values of providing all our shareholders with as much transparency as possible, we recommend that you join us on our monthly conference call which occurs on the last Thursday of every month at 3 PM Central Standard Time.

You may also peruse our web site where you will find a number of items regarding the Company’s investment strategies, management team information, operating statements and other valuable information.

If you wish any additional information, please feel free to contact any leadership team member via email or telephone. My direct line is 832-369-1016.

Best Regards,

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Steven C. Morgan

CI Logo CIChairman, Chief Executive Officer