Steven C. Morgan, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Steven C. Morgan is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and has served in these positions since the installation of the new management of the Company commencing in April 2009. During this period, Mr. Morgan has been directly involved and accountable for the restructuring of the Company to include its current business model, capital structure and financial condition.

From 1995 to the present, Mr. Morgan has also been the Founder and Managing Director of AmeriFinancial, Inc., a Houston, Texas-based organization that specializes in providing entrepreneurs and emerging companies financial advisory services with regard to business model development, financial modeling, management recruiting and capital raising sectors.

During his career, as principal, investor or agent, Mr. Morgan has been responsible for the development, operations or financing of more than 60 different companies in the technology, medical, manufacturing, energy, food, retail, hospitality, construction, entertainment and real estate industries.

Prior to founding AmeriFinancial, Inc., from 1978-1993, Mr. Morgan was the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hospitality Investments, Inc., an operating hospitality and real estate organization with approximately 350 employees.

During this period, Mr. Morgan designed, developed and operated 15 different food and beverage concepts located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. In addition, Mr. Morgan was responsible for the purchase negotiations, financing, design, development and operation of numerous commercial and residential projects in upper income locations and resort areas in the states of NewJersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Before 1978, Mr. Morgan was selected as the youngest Vice President in the history of Servico, a publicly held entity specializing in acquiring, developing and operating hotels across the United States.

In this capacity, Mr. Morgan was responsible for all union and non-union hotel operations in the Northeast section of the United States with locations in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He was also held accountable for the direct oversight of the Company’s premiere flagship hotel and brand.

Mr. Morgan received his business degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri and his MBA degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Mr. Morgan is responsible for the overall vision of the Company and will continue overseeing the investment sector, investor relations and financial health of the Company.

Contact Information for Steven Morgan
Mailing address: 5850 San Felipe, Suite 111, Houston, Texas 77057 email: Telephone: 832.369.1016