Capital Requests & Submissions

Prior to submitting your project, please review our investment criteria below. This criteria should help you determine whether we would be a suitable fit and proper partner for your enterprise and your funding requirements.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our organization and we will contact you shortly after receiving your information and appropriate documents. If possible, please forward all your information by utilizing the form we have provided below. Please complete all fields and include any files that you wish for us to review. You may also contact Steven Morgan, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer using his contact information listed below. Once again, thank you for your interest in Champion Investments.

Investment Criteria

Champion Investments is currently seeking investment partnerships with strong management teams and opportunities with high-growth potential and large market sizes in the technology, life sciences and consumer product sectors.

Emerging Stage
We are seeking investment positions with entrepreneurs, early-stage or emerging enterprises with market-disruptive ideas and technologies. Organizations will have current revenues of $1 million or under, strong industry-specific management teams, products or services with strong barriers-to-entry, large market sizes and rapid growth potential.

Champion Investments is pursuing unique investments in established, well-managed organizations with revenues under $25 million where its owners desire to recapitalize or adjust their equity positions. Revenues will range between $2 to $25 million, EBITDA between 10-30%, a well-established management team, consistent financials and a growth-oriented business model.

Acquisitions & Buyouts
We will consider and investigate opportunistic acquisitions and corporate buyouts on an individual basis. Our investment team primarily considers those opportunities where we can maximize our returns on investment over a three to seven year time frame.

High-Growth Stage
We are also searching for investment positions in high growth firms where our investment can create a large impact. These investments will focus on high-growth emerging organizations under $25 million in revenues with an experienced management team, large national or international growth potential and high barriers to entry.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Kerri Shomette, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, email: Telephone: 214.446.5699.