Champion Investments carries the potential of delivering uncommon returns for its investors and shareholders built upon a new business model, proprietary and diversified investment strategies, significant tax benefits and anticipated public stock appreciation outcomes. To review this overview and its key components in greater detail, please click here.

Stock Information

Champion Investments, Inc. (CHAM OTC:PK) is a publicly traded corporation that has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to be regulated as a Business Development Company and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. As of December 31, 2015, the Company had 75,479,667 common stock shares outstanding, with a large majority of these shares held in restricted status. There are no preferred stock shares outstanding.

The management team has been implementing the Company’s business model and has completed two micro-investments in Active Faith, a new sports apparel brand and Thru Pharma, LLC, an innovative pharmaceutical organization. Neither of these early-stage and emerging investments has been announced to the financial community.The Company intends to make additional investments in US-based early stage, emerging and small to middle-market enterprises in the technology, life sciences and consumer sectors.

Corporate and Financial Information

It is the Company’s intention to raise up to $10 million over the next 6-12 months to further expand its investments, operations, management talent and overall infrastructure. With that milestone accomplished, Champion Investments plans to aggressively pursue its planned investor media and investor relations programs and campaigns.

In further execution of our efforts to remain as transparent as possible with our shareholders, please feel free to click on any of our Corporate Information documents to review specific information related to current and past Financial Statements, Board of Director Resolutions, Other Matters and relevant news regarding Champion Investments from 2012 through 2015 as well as our corporate history. To review these in detail, please click here.

Shareholder Conference Calls

In order to enhance communications with its shareholders, the Company conducts a conference call for its shareholders on a monthly basis. These monthly conference calls are designed to enable the Company’s shareholders the opportunity to communicate directly with the leadership team of the Company and to learn about the current progress and future direction of Champion Investments.

Our shareholder conference calls are scheduled every month on the last Thursday of each month and start promptly at 3 PM Central Standard Time. The call-in number is (857) 216-6700 and conference code is 353784. We certainly welcome your participation on any of our calls.

Letter from the Chairman

The latest Shareholder Letter from our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kerri Shomette, will follow soon.

CI Logo CIFor more information please contact:
Dr. Kerri Shomette, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, email: kshomette@championinvestments.com Telephone: 214.446.5699