Leveraging its public stock as a vehicle for its investments, Champion Investments has acquired equity positions in the firms of Active Faith, Inc. and ThruPharma, LLC. The management team believes these acquisitions can produce excellent returns and exit opportunities for the Company and its shareholders.

Active Faith LogoActive Faith Sports™ is a unique and innovative emerging Company that is rapidly penetrating and capitalizing upon the large national and international Christian marketplace with its creative brands and high-quality, celebrity-endorsed products, merchandise and sponsored events. The Christian market in the United States has been estimated to be over 230 million people that spend an estimated $1.5 trillion on annual basis. Currently, their are nine professional athletes who have invested in the Company.


The Company has successfully launched its brand and respective premium quality lines of sports apparel and accessory products under the Active Faith Sports™ trade name with the intention of capturing significant revenues from Christian individuals, retailers, colleges, high schools, churches, organizations and faith-based groups within the United States. The Company’s products are being carried in Lakewood, the largest Christian Church in the United States, and have been sold in over 80 countries. Further penetration and success is planned in these overseas markets.

Featured Press

The Active Faith Sports™ brand and collection of product lines has been worn by over 100 professional athletes, including those in the NBA, NFL and MLB. Ray Lewis, Bernard Pollard and Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens wore the Company’s products during their Super Bowl Championship victory. Other notable professional athletes who have worn Active Faith products are Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos, Carl Landry of the Philadelphia 76ers, Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets, James Harden of the Houston Rockets, Albert Pujols of the Anaheim Angels, Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls and Case Keenum of the St. Louis Rams.

For more information on this expanding organization, click activefaithsports.com

Dakota Life Sciences is a leading anti-infective private pharmaceutical Company with award-winning products designed to provide the highest efficacy for global patients at high risk of suffering from dangerous microbial and fungal infections.


The Company was founded based on its topical penetrating technology for drug delivery. That technology, referred to as Site Specific Penetration Technology (SSPT™) has received multiple prestigious awards such as the Edison Award for Innovation; Stevie Award for Innovation; and the Best Pharmaceutical of 2012 by the leading retail pharmaceutical publication, Drug Store News.

The Company has engaged in extensive laboratory and clinical testing of this drug delivery technology. These efforts led to a breakthrough capability to deliver basic non-proprietary small molecule antibiotics in an over-the-counter non-prescription dose to people who were concerned about topical infections.

These test results showed a very powerful capability of the medication to kill even the most drug-resistant pathogens- a capability normally associated with certain prescription medications. The management team of the Company believes there is currently a significant unmet demand for this product that the Company intends to satisfy in 2016 and beyond.


The Company’s expected initial product launch in 2016 will be an FDA-regulated OTC patented ThinNail® brand anti-fungal nail product. This product provides both a nail thinning capability and highly effective antifungal drug delivery through the nail to attack the indications of toenail fungus. The results of ThinNail product use by those suffering from this type of infection have shown to be superior to all other products due to the unique combination of the multiple actions engineered into this product.

Product Development

The Company will continue to seek transformative technologies that better enable new uses of old antifungal formulations through improved delivery or formulation technology and also expects to develop and acquire breakthrough technologies in related areas of improved antibiotic deliveries, including systemically delivered medications. The Company believes that improved delivery systems and dosing forms offer a uniquely effective solution to the antibiotic resistance challenge facing health communities globally.

Public Company Acquisition

In 2014, the Company’s legal entity (Thru Pharma, LLC) acquired controlling interest in a public shell company, Arax Holdings, Inc. (“ARAT”), listed on the OTCQB public exchange. Arax Holdings Corporation is a fully reporting, DTC eligible company. Since that acquisition, various PIPE investments have occurred with accredited investors.

Click dakotalifesci.com for additional information on this emerging enterprise.

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