Our primary investment strategies center upon assisting early-stage organizations and emerging enterprises in attaining their desired financial aspirations while achieving maximum income and assets appreciation, advantageous exit strategies and substantial returns for our shareholders.

Proprietary Methodologies

Having the advantage of over 20 years of actual transactions, our investment strategies utilize unique and proprietary structuring methods to further reduce risk as well as increase the likelihood of uncommon returns through the utilization of a pre-defined specific set of transactional criteria. Each of our investments will be structured to maximize the potential success of our assets, income and our returns to our shareholders.

Investment Targets

Our investment strategies are focused on discovering the best opportunities in four distinct core categories: Micro-Investments, Recapitalizations, High-Growth and Acquisitions. By employing these multiple investment strategies, the Company’s business model increases its flexibility to capitalize on opportunistic investments and exits, while simultaneously mitigating risk. These high impact but relatively lower dollar investment categories are currently under-served by traditional sources of individual, seed, angel, venture or institutional capital organizations.

Emerging Stage
We are seeking investment positions with early-stage or emerging enterprises with market-disruptive ideas and technologies. These organizations should have revenue traction, strong industry-specific management teams, products or services with strong barriers-to-entry, large market sizes and rapid growth potential.

Champion Investments will also pursue unique investments in established, well-managed organizations with revenues under $25 million where its owners desire to recapitalize or adjust their equity positions. Revenues should range between $2 to $25 million, EBITDA between 10-30%, a well-established management team, consistent financials and a growth-oriented business model.

Acquisitions & Buyouts
We will consider and investigate opportunistic acquisitions and corporate buyouts on an individual basis. Our management team primarily considers those opportunities where we can maximize our returns on investment over a three to five year time frame.

High-Growth Stage
We are also searching for investment positions in high growth firms where our investment can create a large impact. These investments will focus on high-growth emerging organizations with an experienced management team, large national or international growth potential and high barriers to entry.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Kerri Shomette, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, email: kshomette@championinvestments.com Telephone: 214.446.5699.