Leadership Objectives

The primary goals of each of our professional team members is to utilize their past experience in early-stage growth organizations to significantly expand and increase the investment portfolio assets of Champion Investments.

Our team intends to accomplish these goals by concentrating in three key areas: revenue and margin growth, executive talent and financial restructuring in order to grow revenues and income and to drive equity growth and capital appreciation in our investments.

Champion Investments expects to systematically and prudently invest in quality enterprises with strong management and anticipates bringing additional value to these organizations by adding high-level expertise in these key areas in order to produce advantageous exits and the best possible returns for our shareholders.

Leadership Profiles

Kerri G. Shomette, PhD.
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kerri G. Shomette is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer for the Company. Dr. Shomette is a highly accomplished and self-motivated individual with over a decade of demonstrated executive management experience in such diverse sectors of business as venture capital, consulting, non-profit organizations, gerontology, developmental neuropsychology and academia. With the establishment of Champion Investments, Inc., Dr. Shomette has served as an integral part of the Company’s core development, unique business model and investor relations programs. Based on her exemplary track record of success and expertise in national networking, fund raising and communications, the Company considers her to be an invaluable asset in the overall investor relations efforts of the Company. For a more complete biography of Dr. Shomette, will be provided soon.

Desmonde C. A. Cowdery
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Cowdery has over 30 years of financial management experience in both public and private companies including financial management of private equity backed businesses, entrepreneurial and emerging growth companies and international multi-location public companies. Mr. Cowdery’s expertise spans the entire finance, accounting and administration functions regarding financial planning and analysis, financial reporting and audits, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, deal structuring, debt and equity financing, compliance procedures, investor relations, banking relations, tax reporting and risk management. For a more complete biography of Mr. Cowdery, please click here.

Adam Parsons
Vice President, Investor Relations

New Bio coming soon.

Marion P. Wright
Independent Director

Mr. Wright brings over 40 years’ experience with both major and independent oil companies in a career that covered much of the world including onshore and offshore assignments on six continents. Mr. Wright began his career with Shell Oil Company where he advanced through various domestic and international technical and management assignments with increasing responsibility. He later worked for Pennzoil where he was Director of International Engineering & Operations followed by Devon Energy, ExxonMobil CIS and Chevron North America. For a more complete biography of Mr. Wright, please click here.

Robert A. Hill
Independent Director

Mr. Hill has over 30 years of financial and operational experience in construction, agricultural and food related industries. The Company considers Mr. Hill a vital addition to the overall management talent and team of the Company. In 1998, Mr. Hill founded Integrated Solutions, a business consultancy, which specializes in financial management, tactical planning and core growth strategies for numerous clients in the construction, agriculture, food processing and financial service industries. For a more complete biography of Mr. Hill, please click here.

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