Investor Overview

Champion Investments carries the potential of delivering uncommon returns for its investors and shareholders built upon a new business model, proprietary and diversified investment strategies, significant tax benefits and anticipated public stock appreciation outcomes. Key components are listed below:

Corporate Restructure

Investor Overview with LogoCommencing with over $6 million in liabilities and virtually no viable assets, the current leadership team reorganized the Company, resulting in a balance sheet with no liabilities and a tax-loss carry forward, which is now approximately $9.5 million. In addition, 50 million shares of preferred stock and $1.8 billion in stock options were eliminated.

Business Model

Having established a new financial base, Champion Investments filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission it’s election to be treated as a registered Business Development Company and the management team is now implementing the Company’s business model. This model will concentrate on initiating investments within the technology, medical and consumer sectors in order to provide the best opportunities and returns for its shareholders.

Tax Benefits

Inherent and accumulated from 2005 through 2015 as a result of prior management practices and operations, the Company now has a significant operating net loss carryforward tax benefit in the amount of over $9.5 million as of December 31, 2015. The management team considers this tax loss carryforward to be a significant advantage for Champion Investments and its shareholders moving forward with its new business model.

Proprietary Investment Strategies

Our proprietary and diversified investment strategies are expected to focus on the most productive opportunities for our shareholders in four distinct investment core categories: Micro-Investments, Recapitalizations, Special Growth and Acquisitions. These high-impact, relatively lower cash investment categories are currently under served by traditional sources of individual and institutional investor capital

The leadership team, influenced by its past investment transaction experience, has formulated the Company’s proprietary transaction criteria guidelines and principles designed to mitigate the downside risk of investments in early-stage or emerging organizations yet allow for the maximum participation in their upside return outcomes.  By employing its multiple investment strategies in its predetermined core categories, Champion Investments will increase its capabilities to capitalize on opportunistic investments and exits, while skillfully mitigating its down side risk.

Our primary objective is to assist entrepreneurs and emerging companies achieve their desired financial goals while maximizing the investment assets, value of the Company’s public stock and returns to its shareholders.

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Dr. Kerri Shomette, Vice President, Investor Relations email: Telephone: 214.446.5699